Guild Wars 2 Warrior Guide


The Warrior is predictably the warrior class in Guild Wars 2. The Warrior profession is a master of martial skills. This includes the use of toughness, heavy armor, strength and speed to defeat their enemies. They’re both versatile in causing damage during attack situations and also great as “tanks” or offensive/defensive class during damage absorbing situations. The Warrior uses adrenaline to become more powerful, which increases its damage output and compliment very well with a Sword + Shield combination.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Guide - Warrior Abilities

Adrenaline is the warrior’s main game mechanic. The the Warrior attacks, it gains adrenaline (much like Rage in WOW), which can be built up to use their abilities to deal large amounts of damage or absorb large amounts of damage.

The Warrior has more weapon sets than any other profession in the Guild Wars 2 game. Offering many different play-styles.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Guide - Unique Skill Types

  • Physical — is a warrior skill type that involves controlling foes and (forced) movement.
  • Banners — banner skills produce an environmental weapon that can buff allies. The banner can be picked up and carried around to move the buff, or it can be planted in an area to convey the buff, allowing the warrior to continue fighting.
  • Stance is a warrior skill type that grants temporary bonuses to the user.

GW2 Warrior Traits

The Warrior has five different trait lines, these include: Strength, Defense, Tactics, Arms and Discipline.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Guide - Equipment

GW2 Warrior Armor

Because the Warrior is a Soldier Profession, it wears Heavy Armor for its gear.

GW2 Warrior Weapons

  • Two-handed
    • Hammer — Pounds the ground with area-of-effect attacks that can stagger groups of enemies.
    • Greatsword — Sweeping area-of-effect attacks while being able to move quickly between groups of enemies.
    • Longbow — Massive fire AoE damage used to keep hordes of enemies at bay.
    • Rifle — Inflict various conditions and unleash powerful attacks against a single target.
  • Main-hand
    • Axe — Can quickly build up adrenaline and can deliver powerful high damage attacks.
    • Sword — Quick and mobile, with many opportunities to cause bleeding.
    • Mace — Has powerful stunning attacks, leaving enemies susceptible to further blows.
  • Off-hand
    • Shield — Used to bash foes or block incoming attacks.
    • Warhorn — Grants boons to allies.
    • Axe — Can be used to strike with both weapons simultaneously or charge with a whirling attack.
    • Sword — Used as a crippling attack or to block and retalitate.
    • Mace — The warrior can perform a stunning attack against a single target or harm all foes in front of him by slamming the mace on the ground.
  • Aquatic
    • Harpoon gun — Long range mechanical weapon.
    • Spear — Close quarters melee weapon.

There are 19 different possible weapon sets for the Warrior, making it the highest number of weapon sets for any other GW2 profession. It also has two weapon sets under water.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Guide Crafting

The following crafting selections are available to the Warrior class.

  • Weaponsmith — axes, greatswords, hammers, maces, shields, spears, swords.
  • Huntsman — Harpoon guns, longbows, rifles, warhorns.
  • Armorsmith — Heavy armor.
  • Jeweler — Jewelry.
  • Chef — Food.

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