Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide


The Thief Profession in Guild Wars 2 is like the Rogue in WOW, where it is the stealth class of the MMO. It uses surprise attacks and stealth to destroy its enemies. Dealing huge amounts of single target DPS and compensate for having low armor with high evasion and quickness. Because they’re a stealth orientation profession, Thiefs travel through the shadows of the dark and vanish into thin air, only to SPRING into attack and cause large amounts of damage.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide Abilities

The Thief has the ability to steal from enemies. Their skills also have no cooldown, allowing them to attack immediately again and again.

GW2 Thief Unique Skill Types

  • Dual wield skills — Available only to the thief profession, these weapon skills are determined by the combination of main-hand and off-hand weapons equipped. They generally use the highest amount of initiative.
  • Shadow stepping — Certain skills allow the thief to disappear from one location and then instantly appear at a different location by traveling through the shadows.
  • Stealth — Thieves have access to multiple skills which make them invisible to enemy players and ignore aggro. While stealthed the thief is not targettable, but can still be damaged by AoEs/Ground-targeted skills, and attacking will break the deception.
    • Stealth skills — While in stealth, the first weapon skill of the thief’s skill bar is replaced by a special skill only usable while stealthed.
  • Traps — Placed at a thief’s current location, they trigger and cause an effect whenever an enemy steps onto one.
  • Venoms – apply a creature’s venom to your weapon to inflict conditions with attacks.

GW2 Thief Traits

The Thief profession has the following trait lines, these include: Critical Strikes, Shadow Arts, Deadly Arts, Acrobatics and Trickery.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Equipment Guide

GW2 Thief Armor

Because the Thief is a Adventurer Profession, it wears Medium Armor for its defense.

GW2 Thief Weapons

  • Two-handed
    • Shortbow — Ranged mobile weapon with AoE attacks and shadow step ability.
  • Main-hand
    • Sword — Flanking sword attacks provide extra evasiveness and controls enemy movement.
    • Dagger — Jump on a foe, attack quickly and inflict many conditions on them.
    • Pistol — Ranged shots from pistol leave enemies vulnerable to following attacks.
  • Off-hand
    • Dagger — Gives access to close range skills which allow quick escape by crippling the enemy or vanishing from sight.
    • Pistol — Ranged weapon used to quickly retreat or to daze the target by a shot to the head or from a pistol whip.
  • Aquatic
    • Harpoon gun — Bombard enemy with ranged attacks or pull them in, stab them and shadow step away.
    • Spear — Rapid melee attacks spiced up with the usual thief tricks.

For the Thief, there are seven possible weapon seats and two for under water. These can be switched during combat.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Crafting Guide

The following Crafting abilities are recommended for the Thief:

  • Chef — Food.
  • Huntsman — Harpoon guns, pistols, shortbows.
  • Jeweler — Jewelry.
  • Leatherworker — Medium armor.
  • Weaponsmith — Daggers, spears, swords.

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