Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide


The Guild Wars 2 Ranger is a high ranged DPS class. Taking its combat situations from long distances, the Ranger profession is most useful with the bow. Having steady hands, the Ranger has a love for pets (much like the Hunter in World of Warcraft). The Ranger uses Pets to long ranged attacks to defeat their foes. Being an Adventurer Profession, the Ranger wears Medium Armor.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide - Abilities

Pets are available to the Ranger (the only profession in GW2 that can use a pet to attack). The Ranger has the ability to have 4 pets at one time, but only 1 pet can be used during combat at one time. Rangers can switch pets at any time based upon the combat situation.

GW2 Ranger Unique Skill Types

  • Chains — Up to three skills that share a single skill slot, which are executed in sequence on a single target.
  • Survival — Utility skills that enhance survival or offensive abilities.
  • Spirit skills — Summon a nature spirit that influences the area around it.
  • Traps — Utility skills that can be placed at a ranger’s current location. When an enemy enters a trap, it is triggered.

GW2 Ranger Traits

The Ranger has a number of traits, five in fact, these are Marksmanship, Wilderness Survival, Skirmishing, Nature Magic and Beast Mastery.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide - Equipment

GW2 Ranger Armor

The ranger is an adventurer profession and thus wears medium armor gear.

GW2 Ranger Weapons

  • Two-handed
    • Greatsword — A brute force, heavy-damage weapon with emphasis on countering and evasion.
    • Longbow — Powerful sniping weapon, used for rapid fire strikes or barrages at long distance.
    • Shortbow — Quick skirmishing weapon relying on movement, positioning and conditions for quick kills.
  • Main-hand
    • Sword — Mobile melee strikes which can be used to distance the ranger from the target or surprise them from behind.
    • Axe — Medium ranged throwing weapon which can ricochet off a target or can toss a cluster of axes.
  • Off-hand
    • Axe — Enter a stance to reflect incoming strikes or throw the axe for a boomerang effect.
    • Dagger — Used as a crippling ranged attack, or a quick poisonous stab for melee.
    • Torch — Throw the torch at enemies for burning damage, or can light areas on fire.
    • Warhorn — Call in temporary animals to attack or used to buff allies.
  • Aquatic
    • Harpoon gun — Use ranged attacks to strike multiple foes and makes use of the underwater environment.
    • Spear — Keep foes at bay with close range spear stabs and swipes.

The Ranger has a total of 11 possible weapon sets to choose from and also two which can be used under water.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Crafting Guide

These Crafting selections are most beneficial to the Ranger professions:

  • Weaponsmith — Axes, daggers, greatswords, spears, swords.
  • Huntsman — Harpoon guns, longbows, shortbows, torches, warhorns.
  • Leatherworker — Medium armor.
  • Jeweler — Jewelry.
  • Chef — Food.

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