Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide


The Mesmer Profession is a Scholar Profession, therefore it wears light armor. Mesmers are mysterious magic combatants. They rely on the use of deception and confusion to damage their opponents. Through the use of distraction and powerful illusion attacks, the Mesmer can be the most enjoyable class to play. As many have said, the Mesmer profession are “maestros of mirage”. Enchanting their foes with mental magic and causing damage without the opponent even noticing sometimes.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Abilities Guide

Through the use of illusions, the Mesmer’s abilities include illusions spells. These include four shatter skills, Mink Wrack, Cry of Frustration, Distortion and Diversion. Each have their own special advantages and should be used in different situations on different targets.

GW2 Mesmer Unique Skill Types

  • Illusions — Physical representations of the caster. Most require a target, and are dispelled by being attacked. Up to three illusions can be maintained. There are two types of illusions:
    • Clones — Have the caster’s appearance, main-hand weapon, and name. Clones are attributed with low health, low damage and will use the slot 1 skill associated with the caster’s weapon.
    • Phantasms — Have the caster’s appearance with a purple glow, but have the name of the skill (e.g. Illusionary Duelist) instead of the caster’s name. They have their own weapons that range in different appearances and behaviors. Phantasms are attributed with higher health and higher damage than clones.
  • Mantras — Consist of two skills, similar to sequence skills. The first skill, which has a long cast time (around 3 seconds), is replaced by the second skill which has no cast time and can be cast during channeled spells. Multiple mantras can be prepared.

GW2 Mesmer Traits

The Mesmer profession uses the following types of trait lines: Dueling, Domination, Chaos, Inspiration and Illusions.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Equipment Guide

GW2 Mesmer Armor

Because the Mesmer class is a Scholar Profession, it wears Light Armor for its gear.

GW2 Mesmer Weapons

  • Two-handed
    • Greatsword — Used as a ranged weapon
    • Staff — Focuses on giving conditions to foes and boons to allies
  • Main-hand
    • Scepter — Causes blind or confusion at range
    • Sword — Focuses on melee-range attacks and character movement
  • Off-hand
    • Focus — Offers offensive and defensive illusions
    • Pistol — Offers thief-like dps and multi-target conditions
    • Sword — Offers a defensive clone created by blocking and an offensive swordsman phantasm
    • Torch — Gives user short invisiblity or confuses target
  • Aquatic
    • Spear — Focuses on damage and manipulation of position
    • Trident— damages and applies various conditions and boons

The Mesmer has ten possible weapon sets during combat and two under water.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Crafting Guide

Specifically for the Mesmer profession, the list of Crafting options are available below for the Mesmer.

  • Weaponsmith — Greatswords, spears, swords.
  • Huntsman — Pistols, torches.
  • Artificer — Foci, scepters, staves, tridents.
  • Tailor — Light armor.
  • Jeweler — Jewelry.
  • Chef — Food.

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