Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Guide


The Mesmer profession in GW2 is actually quite an advanced profession to play as compared to the other 7. It is suited for more advanced players so if you’re a little new to MMOs, we suggest you try seven of the other professions before playing the Mesmer.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Guide

It is a little strange to grasp at first but the Mesmer class is the master of ‘counters’ for example, it is the master of countering attacks, either preventing it, or reducing the damage of it, eliminating it or even ignoring it. Completely fully understanding the Mesmer profession can ruin anyones day because it stops the opponent from doing what they want to do to you.

They are masters of illusions and have four shatter skills including Mind Wrack, Cry of Frustration, Diversion and Distortion. Each has its own benefits as listed below:

  • Mind Wrack: this shatter skill does damage to enemies
  • Cry of Frustration: this can be applied to opponents to confuse them
  • Diversion: this dazes the target or causes them to stay still
  • Distortion: this casters your Mesmer character to evade attacks from oppoents

Each have their benefits which means it is crucial that you strategise every situation that you encounter before proceeding.

While leveling up as the Mesmer, you will need to test all methods of counter-attacks and also be very quick with timings and effectiveness because the Mesmer’s techniques revolves around both sensing and reacting to their opponent’s moves. Once you have control of the opponent, you can then begin to deal damage and evade any oncoming future attacks.

You also have the amazing power to interrupt attacks made by your opponents, so you are actually waiting for them to cast them, before making your chess move, interrupting it and dealing your own set of damage attacks. This requires a great deal of knowledge of other professions and is incredibly effective in PvP situations. This is why we suggest you play the other GW2 professions before creating a Mesmer.

The Mesmer has four attributes which revolve around the use of magic. These four are listed below along an explanation:

  • Fast Casting: this is the Mesmer’s primary attribute, it affects the way the Mesmer casts their skills. For example you might want to make them cast faster, which will increase the casting speed of specific skills. This is particularly effective if you want to get a fast counter in which an opponent is about to make on you.
  • Domination Magic: these are skills that causes your opponent to suffer. It can force them to stop casting specific types of actions, denying them instantly (very frustrating if you’re the opponent!) and it can also punish them for making such predictable attacks.
  • Inspiration Magic: these skills are primary to provide defense to the Mesmer, to ward off attacks or to evade certain attacks, it is more of a shield mechanism rather than an attack set of skills.
  • Illusion Magic: this is the final set of skills used by the Mesmer whereby you can cause damage to your opponents.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Tips

  • Always try and find the target of opportunity. This is always the most difficult enemy to can encounter on the field, which you will most benefit from by either kill it (to gain experience) or disrupting it.
  • You should learn to switch targets quickly, tab targeting is a must here, make sure you setup your hotkeys correctly. The best Mesmer players out there will be the ones who can not only be great at single target dps’ing but rather be able to flip back and forth between several targets at once, and always keeping them dazed during any combat situation.

To view some skills by the Mesmer Profession, please watch the video below:

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Guide Conclusion

Mesmers are essential the masters of counter attacks. They lack outright damage but make up in their unique abilities and skills, by dazing or interrupting opponents from hitting them, they can continually cause small damage to them, which overall can be a lot more beneficial than a class who is always getting hit and but deals lots of damage. It will take hours and hours to master a Mesmer as there are so many different types of situations and combat strategies in which you will need to take into considering before attempting any attack. Mesmers are not for the faint hearted so we suggest you have a high level of knowledge in all GW2 professions and MMOs as a whole.

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