Guild Wars 2 Guardian Leveling Guide


The Guardian Profession in Guild Wars 2 is much like the Paladin in World of Warcraft. Guardians specialize in protective and defensive magic. The great thing about Guardians is that it has 3 Virtues, or “stances”. You can switch between “Virtue of Courage” which will turns your character into a tank and absorbs damage a lot better. The “Virtue of Justice” will allow you to deal a lot more damage to opponents, causing burning dots on enemies that do damage and finally the “Virtue of Resolve” provides health rengeration to your character, great if you’ve taken damage.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Leveling Guide

This makes the Guardian a very versatile class to play. I know the game shys away as much as possible from the tank/dps/healing concept, but as a Guardian profession, you can do all 3 of these things. It is a very enjoyable profession to play and you will not be disappointed.

The Guardian does not have as much of a health base as the Warrior profession but this is made up in health regeneration through the “Virtue of Resolve”.

To summarise playing the Guardian profession from Level 1, you will need to deeply understand the 3 different Virtues that the Guardian can alter between.

  • Virtue of Courage: used for Tanking
  • Virtue of Justice: used for DPS
  • Virtue of Resolve: used for Healing

Also through the Guardian, you will as ascertain 4 specific skill types, these are unique to the Guardian profession and are quite fun to use!

  • Spirit Weapons: through the use of Spirit Weapons you will be able to summon spiritual weapons from out of thin air and use them to in combat. Visually stunning and very addictive.
  • Wards: you can place Wards on the ground which affect a certain radius around the Ward which can be very useful in a number of situations. For example you can place a specific type of Ward down that stops enemies from walking past this Ward, allowing time for your teammates to unleash their fury before reaching you.
  • Symbols: Much like Wards, Symbols can be placed on the ground to deal damage to enemies.
  • Aegis: Combining this with Virtue of Courage, the Guardian can block oncoming attacks from enemies.

Check out the video below for a visual display of different skills that can be used by the Guardian profession:

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Leveling Guide Conclusion

The Guardian profession is definitely one you will need to experience, it is unlike any of the other profession and quite fun to play as well. We have found through our first 16 levels of the Guardian in the Beta that this profession has such a diverse versability about it, and we just couldn’t stop playing it. Through a combination of different Virtues and skill types, we endured hours of joy from this profession.

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