Guild Wars 2 Warrior Leveling Guide


Nothing exemplifies Melee DPS more than the Warrior profession. In all MMOs that we have seen, there has always been a Warrior class and the Warrior profession in GW2 is unlike no other. The Warrior is great in close-range combat and absolutely amazing in defense. They’re regarded as the most defensive profession in the game.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Leveling Guide

When leveling as a Warrior, you will notice that your primary objective is not through the use of skills, but rather more dependant on their gear (weapons and armor). The better gear you have, the more effective your Warrior character will be. They wear Heavy armor and therefore their primary weakness is being attacked from long range.

Below a list of attributes used by the Warrior profession in GW2:

  • Strength: undoubtedly the most important attribute for the Warrior, actually it is the ONLY attribute. It gives the Warriro armor penetration when using attacks skills and it also lowers the defence of your enemies which in turn can increase your damage output.
  • Axe Mastery: exactly as it sounds, this is a weapon attribute. Choosing to focus your time on the axe will give you other bonuses including more critical hits. They attack such as fast as swords and have a lot more wider damage ranges. Meaning you can attack targets with more damage with an Axe than a Sword.
  • Hammer Mastery: hammers are by far the slowest of the weapon choices but deal the most amount of damage, the choice is yours really.
  • Swordsmandship: ahhh… the trusty sword combination. We love Warrior with swords so why specialise in any other weapon? Swords are the fastest melee weapon you can equip but deal the least amount of damage out of the three.
  • Tactics: this attribute is linked with shields. You will need Tactics in order to use swords and maximise the usefulness of them.

When playing a Warrior you will need to remember to center your build around three attributes, these are the Primary Attribute, Weapon Attribute and Another Attribute.

Some tips for playing the Warrior profession:

  • Always look after your gear and get the best possible gear you can because it is the most important factor in the Warrior profession in regards to defense and dealing damage
  • Don’t overlook snares and speed boosts, they’re vitally important in playing the Warrior.
  • Be sure to trust your healer in your groups, they’ll do their job if you do yours.

Be sure to check out the video below for some awesome Warrior skills!

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Leveling Guide Conclusion

I personally love playing the Warrior, it has always been my first preference class in playing for MMOs and playing the Warrior in GW2 was most enjoyable. The first time I picked up an Hammer while leveling, the amount of damage it caused just made me really happy! The Warrior in GW2 is exactly how it should be, the meat and grunt of the all of the professions, the melee damage masters and also the defensive hero of your party. Definitely worth the effort to play the Warrior, just remember that using snares as just as important as brute force!

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